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welcome to the art page!

this is where i'll put some of the art i post on tumblr at @anxiety-medication

two people in front of a spiral. the woman on the left is purple coded, and the man on the right is red coded. the man is tied up, and the woman is kneeling showing him a pendulum. a dalmatian puppy girl holding her tits and wagging her tail. she is nude except for pink, stripey, thigh high socks. many sketches of trans vulvas on testosterone, some in different shapes and positions to show them off. a drawing of a trans man bouncing on a dildo on the floor. his expression is dazed, and someone is calling him a good boy 3 drawings of mouths, all drooling with fingers in them. an eldrich being in a woman's body with a boy bouncing on her cock. runes circle around his head, and the woman is calling him a good toy. a person with a vr headset with cat ears and collar on with a remote being pointed at them. the person pointing the remote is saying, 'corrupt, drone.' the person is mumbling and drooling while the headset reads, 'error, hacked' an anthro dog cornering an anthro cat in just a jockstrap. the cat is tabby, and quite flustered. the dog is a golden retriever and has lust in his eyes. a woman sucking another woman's nipple. strings of saliva connect her mouth to it. a woman making an ahegao face and squeezing her boobs, which are just out of frame. she has wavy hair and a septum piercing a traditionally animated swinging pendulum. it is purple and has an eye on it a furry dog with his tongue out and shirt off, a line of saliva connecting his tongue to a bright blue cock, connected to a mostly hidden blue body.